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Ten key areas of semiconductor market deserve attention

2018-06-30 14:53:50 次浏览分类:News Center

According to the Gartner statistics of the international research and consultancy agency, the global semiconductor revenue in 2013 totaled $315 billion, up to 6.9% compared with the top 25 semiconductor manufacturers in 2012, and the whole semiconductor consumer market was on the rise. There were ten key industries in the future semiconductor market.

The first is the intelligent terminal. Many enterprises based on the intelligent terminal market have been rewarded, such as exhibition and the same side. Moreover, the market is far from reaching saturation stage, and there will be much room for growth in the future. Therefore, we regard it as the first market worthy of attention.

The second is cloud computing and large data. Both cloud computing and big data require huge investment. For example, with the appearance of huge amounts of data, storage is a huge market opportunity. The total annual global data is expected to double.

The third is the Internet of things. The entire industrial scale of the Internet of things increased by 30% last year, close to 500 billion yuan, and there will be room for growth in the future. There are many industrial opportunities related to the Internet of things, not only sensors, but also identification chips. It needs the support of the market and upstream industries.

The fourth is broadband communications. Why did Hass do well? Precisely because it cut into the market. So far, broadband China has been proposed for 2 years, and 4G has started. Broadband is an eternal theme. Video traffic, BT download, no one will be too wide bandwidth. In the future, the construction of 4G and 5G will benefit the enterprises.

The fifth is the intelligent industry. China's semiconductor industry started from home appliances and consumer products. Now it's time to support the industry. Intelligent industry is much more intelligent manufacturing, such as 3D manufacturing, CNC machine tools and so on. This is a big market. In addition, the demand for traditional industrial electronics is also very large, big enough for industrial automation, small to engine, and has huge market potential.

The sixth is the smart grid. Only one smart meter has created the success of Nari. In addition, from power generation to power collection, IC has a very wide application.

The seventh is intelligent medical treatment. This field includes two market directions: one is the large-scale medical equipment and the other is the portable medical electronics and wearable equipment. Two. At present, the scale of wearable device application is not very large. It is estimated that the scale of the wearable device is only 2 billion to 3 billion yuan in 2015. However, the Chinese market has a huge population base, and smart watches and pedometer will have great potential.

The eighth is automotive electronics. The automobile market is more difficult to enter, but China is now a big automobile manufacturer. The automotive electronic system will have a market scale of nearly 500 billion yuan, and will exceed 700 billion yuan in the future. Car safety, car networking... There is a great market for the whole car electronics market.

Ninth is the security monitoring market. The overall size of the market is relatively small, but in the future people will not increase their investment in safety. The camera used in notebook computers will expand into the whole safe city in the future. Video surveillance market is also very large, it is worth paying attention to.

The tenth is information security. Smart card and network encryption design belong to this category. The information security market is particularly worthy of the attention of local enterprises.