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Semiconductor demand continues to expand

2018-06-30 14:56:00 次浏览分类:News Center

The international semiconductor material industry association (SEMI) announced the April North American semiconductor equipment manufacturer's order shipment value (B/BRatio), up to 1.03, down from 1.06 in March, but still more than 1, and more than 1 in a continuous 7 months, showing continuous expansion of semiconductor demand.

SEMI statistics, in April, North American semiconductor equipment manufacturers had an average 3 - month order of $1 billion 440 million, growing 10.8% from $1 billion 300 million in March, and an increase of 22.5%. over the same period of last year, $1 billion 170 million.

In April, the 3 month average shipments of semiconductor equipment manufacturers in North America amounted to US $1 billion 400 million, an increase of 14.1% over the 1 billion 230 million US $1 billion 230 million in March, compared with us $1 billion 90 million in the same period last year.

In April, the shipment value of the North American semiconductor equipment manufacturer reached 1.03, compared with the March 1.06 slightly, but still stood more than 1, for 7 months over 1, indicating that the semiconductor boom is still expanding steadily.

SEMI pointed out that North American semiconductor equipment orders continued to show a strong annual increase, including memory, wafer subrotors, and sealed capacity spending demand continued to grow steadily.